Luxury outdoor placemats

New in the LAZE collection, our beautiful outdoor placemats are not only functional but also durable and stylish. Crafted from recycled plastic waste, these plastic placemats offer fine benefits. They are weather-resistant and stain-repellent. So no worries if they get wet, spend more time in the sun, or if stubborn stains like red wine, tomato sauce, and red fruit find their way, as you can easily wash them out.


Choose from our lovely collection of placemats today and transform your garden table into a stunning centerpiece.

Luxury placemats for outdoor use

With five beautiful different designs, you have plenty of options. So whether you want to create an elegant table setting for a festive dinner or simply add a touch of color to your daily meals, these placemats are the perfect choice. With these sustainable placemats, you can beautifully dress up your garden table for any occasion. And here’s a styling tip: for a surprising modern look, style them with a tablecloth in a different or matching color underneath or with one of the matching table runners.


Placemats for your garden table

Our sustainable placemats are made from recycled plastic bottles and yet have the look and feel of high-quality fabric, making them soft to the touch! They possess ideal qualities as they are stain, UV, and water-resistant. LAZE’s collection of outdoor placemats includes beautiful beige and blush pink colors inspired by sunsets, and inspired by the onset of night, there are elegant gray and blue placemats.


Washable placemats easy to maintain

The placemats are all stain-resistant and water-resistant, thanks to their durable plastic composition. Most stains can be quickly rinsed off with some water and mild soap. Additionally, the fabrics are water-repellent, so if moisture falls on them and you promptly remove it, it won’t seep in. To maintain their water-repellent properties, a light ironing after washing can help. However, it’s not a problem if moisture or stains do seep in. Since dirt doesn’t penetrate the fibers, even stubborn stains like red wine, chocolate, and tomato sauce come out easily when you wash the washable placemats at a low temperature. For stubborn (grease) stains, pre-treatment is recommended.


Quality plastic placemats

In addition to developing LAZE products as sustainably as possible, we strive to make the most environmentally conscious choices at all times. This means that we want our products to last. Therefore, we carefully select the best quality outdoor fabrics. Just like LAZE table linens, the outdoor placemats are jacquard-woven from yarn made from recycled plastic. This not only looks beautiful but offers many other pleasant properties:

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
Easy to clean
Free from moths and dust mites


Features of outdoor placemats

Durable garden placemats

All placemats are made of high-quality and durable materials, ensuring their longevity. The placemats are woven from yarn made from recycled plastic waste and are resistant to water, sun, and stains. These plastic placemats are not only lovely as table decorations indoors but are specially designed for outdoor use. Dressing up your garden table with these sustainable plastic placemats adds a modern look to your garden, balcony, veranda, or (for the lucky few) your boat.


Hypoallergenic placemats for outdoor use

Dust mites do not like plastic and are therefore not inclined to nest in our durable plastic table decorations. This makes these placemats ideal if you suffer from a dust or wool allergy. And because they are so easy to maintain, they are perfect for families with children.