General maintenance - Instructions

Recycled plastic yarn is a synthetic material made from plastic waste, such as plastic bottles, making it a sustainable alternative. In the maintenance instructions below, we provide you with do’s and don’ts to keep your items looking beautiful for as long as possible.

  • It is water, sun, and dirt-resistant, making it an ideal product not only for indoor but also for outdoor use. You can confidently leave our products outside even in the rain.
  • Light stains can be easily removed with a little water and a small amount of mild green soap. Use a soft cloth or brush. Do not scrub with hard brushes that may damage the fibers.
  • For stubborn (grease) stains, treat the stains with, for example, gall soap, rub the fabric together. The cushion covers, tablecloths, table runners and placemats can all be machine-washed. In this case, we recommend a short, cold cycle at 30′ with a full load and without spinning, as this helps minimize the shedding of microfibers.
  • Avoid using the dryer. Let them air dry.
  • The recycled plastic yarn is designed to look and feel as soft and luxurious as fabric. This means that some pilling may occur over time. This is normal and can be removed with a wool depiller/lint shaver or trimmed with scissors.
  • Do not dry clean.

Specific instructions for outdoor cushions

  • If the cushions are exposed to rain or moisture for an extended period, they should be allowed to dry thoroughly. The fibers can deteriorate more quickly if they remain damp for too long. It’s best to let the cushions air dry with the zipper open and pulled down. During prolonged periods of high humidity, it’s advisable to store the products in a dry place.

These maintenance instructions have been thoughtfully put together for your benefit. To keep your items looking great for a long time, it’s advisable to follow them carefully.