All-weather decorative cushions

LAZE offers a wide selection of weather-resistant decorative cushions for in the garden to turn your terrace, balcony, patio, or veranda into a true eye-catcher. These outdoor decorative cushions are not only stylish and comfortable but also environmentally friendly because they are made from recycled plastic bottles. Moreover, they are specially designed for outdoor use and can withstand moisture and sunlight. So, if the cushions are left out in the rain, it’s not a problem—they will dry quickly and won’t fade. In short, with an outdoor decorative cushion, you can create an inviting, cozy space to relax and enjoy the outdoors. Explore our collection of sustainable outdoor decorative cushions now and transform your garden, balcony, or patio into a welcoming place.

Decorative outdoor cushions by LAZE

With our extensive range of all-weather decorative cushions, you’ll always find the perfect outdoor cushion to match your style and taste. From rectangular to small decorative cushions, we offer something for everyone. There’s also a wide selection of colors available, from blush pink to beige, and even green. Our decorative cushions are designed following the latest trends and offer a variety of sizes, colors, and designs. Whether you prefer a colorful or boho look to decorate your garden, balcony, or terrace, you’ll have plenty of options, including vibrant colors like yellow, rainbow, blue, and pink. We also provide a vast selection of neutral, sleek, Japandi, or Ibiza-style decorative cushions in light beige tones. Different sizes are also available, including small decorative cushions measuring 45 x 45 cm, rectangular cushions, or larger ones that can even be used as floor cushions or pet cushions.


Sustainable garden decorative cushions

Our all-weather decorative cushions are made from recycled polyester fibers, obtained from plastic waste. This not only makes our outdoor cushions functional but also environmentally friendly. By using recycled plastic, we contribute to a better environment and reduce waste. With these sustainable cushions, you’re not only enhancing your outdoor space but also the world around you. All our garden cushions are jacquard woven with yarn made from recycled plastic, providing a beautiful look and the following wonderful features: Resistant to wear and tear, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, water-resistant, UV-resistant, stain-resistant, easy to clean, free from moths and dust mites, and mold-resistant.


Outdoor cushions with removable covers

Enjoy a stylish, eco-conscious and easy-to-maintain outdoor space with our comfortable decorative cushions. All our cushions* come with removable covers, which are easy to wash thanks to the convenient zipper. You’ll find that washing them isn’t often necessary, as the fabric is resistant to water and stains. Rain won’t leave yellow stains, and most stains can be easily wiped away with a damp cloth. So why wait? Enhance your outdoor living with our beautiful collection of durable and easy-to-maintain outdoor decorative cushions.


Luxury garden decorative cushions

All decorative cushions at LAZE are not only sustainable but also of exceptionally high quality. They are jacquard woven and exquisitely finished. The yarn used is made from recycled plastic, making our outdoor decorative cushions water, UV, and stain-resistant. They retain their color and quality, even after exposure to rain or extended sunlight. This means you can enjoy your outdoor space for an extended period with our all-weather decorative cushions. In addition to existing brands with beautiful decorative cushions for outdoor use, LAZE has also developed its collection of garden decorative cushions, focusing on quality and sustainability. These decorative cushions have the same luxurious fabric on both sides and are elegantly finished with a piping, similar to designer cushions, giving them a chic and lavish appearance.


All-weather decorative cushions

When decorating your garden, it’s enjoyable to have everything coordinated. We consider this during the procurement process and carefully coordinate everything in our LAZE collection. Not only can you combine various decorative cushions and seat cushions, but you can also mix and match them with our table linens, chair pads or outdoor rugs. If you need advice in this regard, we’re here to help!


Features of LAZE outdoor decorative cushions

Outdoor cushions – easy maintenance

Since our outdoor decorative cushions are made of sustainable plastic, they are easy to clean. Most stains can be wiped away with a damp cloth and some water and soap. For more stubborn (grease) stains, the cushion covers can be machine washed at a low temperature. As dirt doesn’t penetrate the fibers but remains on the surface, even the toughest stains, like raspberry, red wine, or tomato sauce, can be easily removed. How convenient is that?


Hypoallergenic outdoor decorative cushions

Since our cushions are made of recycled plastic, dust mites don’t like to nest in them. If you suffer from allergies, such as wool allergies or dust mite allergies, our cushions are ideal. And because they’re easy to maintain, they’re perfect for families with children and pets.

* All LAZE and Weavergreen outdoor cushions come with a removable cover that can be machine washed at a low temperature. The LIV cushions do not have removable covers. Check the washing and maintenance instructions on the label or here on the website.