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LAZE decorative cushion ‘Misty’ blue – various sizes

LAZE decorative cushion ‘Misty’ blue – various sizes

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Blue decorative cushion ‘Misty’ available in two sizes.

45 x 45 60 x 60
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These handmade ‘Misty’ decorative cushions in a beautiful soft, linen look blue color are beautifully finished with piping. The fabric is woven from recycled plastic yarn, which gives it easy properties: water resistant, UV resistant and stain resistant. The cushion has a zipper, making the removable cover easy to wash. The inner cushion is waterproof, so the cushion dries quickly if it gets wet due to a rain shower. For a complete look you can combine this decorative cushion with a matching tablecloth from our ‘Misty’ blue collection.


The decorative cushions are available in the following sizes:
45 cm x 45 cm
60 cm x 60 cm


We aim to work as sustainably as possible and, therefore, maintain low stocks. If something is not in stock, please contact us at, and we will explore the possibilities.

All our products are made from 100% recycled PET bottles. Making textiles from synthetic fabrics is not a new concept, but it is estimated that creating soft, open yarn from recycled plastic bottles consumes 70% less energy and nearly 90% less water compared to starting from scratch. Since the work of producing the plastic itself has already been done, production processes can be refined to limit emissions and use as few resources as possible.
Since our products are made from 100% recycled PET bottles, they have the properties of plastic. This means that they are easy to clean with a little water and, if necessary, a small amount of (green) soap. All stains, from chocolate to red wine stains, will come out in no time.
All our products are made from 100% recycled plastic with a fabric-like look and feel. While we would prefer that this is not the case, millions of plastic bottles are sold and discarded every day all over the world. Unfortunately, many of these bottles are not recycled and end up in landfills or are left in nature, eventually finding their way into rivers and water bodies that lead to the sea. It is even said that every minute, a truckload of plastic waste enters the ocean. This is why it’s crucial for us to prioritize recycling and find innovative ways to reuse materials, like the recycled plastic used in our products.
This product is crafted by skilled artisans, made by hand with care. Handmade products are created one by one, meaning they are never exactly the same and may have slight differences in color, texture, and shape. We believe that these authentic and artisanal qualities make the product more exciting and beautiful than machine-perfection.
The disadvantage of products made of real fabric or wool is that dust mites and moths love them. Our products have the look and feel of wool, but provide no nourishment for moths, dust mites, or any other pests. Good news for people with allergies or pet owners!
Moths like to nestle in cotton or wool. Our products have the look and feel of regular fabric, but they are made from recycled PET, which means they are not a food source for moth larvae.
Our products are made from recycled plastic bottles and still feel very soft. They don’t absorb dirt or water, which is ideal for outdoor use. But they are also perfect for indoor use, especially if you have allergies, for families with children and/or households with dogs or cats.
You can wash this product in the washing machine at 30°C. Because the fibers do not absorb the dirt, but it stays in between them, you can easily remove all stains. Even red wine or chocolate stains.
Our products are all made from recycled plastic bottles. Plastic does not absorb moisture, making them water-resistant and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
Plastic does not absorb dirt into its fibers, which makes our products, made from recycled plastic bottles, easy to clean. Even tomato sauce or red wine can be easily washed away.

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